YiMei Research & Technology

Business Front

Rules Library

Regulatory guidelines and Corporate policies process through Intelligent filtering process for the rules library formation.   

Business Intelligent

 Business data prepared for the business engagement process only.


Clients on self-managed personal data and Only communicate to the business team when required.


Business Process Management

Business process is driven by the rules library, process changes will automatedly updated due to the rules update. 

DLT Network

Business and Processing data managed through DLT Network, for business operation only require to deal with the transaction without the hassle to maintain multiple records.  

Business Nodes

Immutable business records to support all the operation procedures. For compliance or audit requirement the platform covers it all.   


Regulation and Governance Update

Able to compliance means the opportunities for business extend.

Move Forward

Business boundary has no limited.

Data Retention

Mystery of data records resolved.